University/college CSA's

Hello everyone, my name is Kathryn Post and I'm a Master's student at Cal
Poly State University, San Luis Obispo. I'm currently working on a thesis
project that deals with developing a CSA farm program within a University
or community college setting. I'm focusing on 4 elements: Farm and
Community Organization, Education, Initial Funding and Future Goals and

It would be a great help to me if anyone could provide me with a list of
all the attempted and operational CSA's within the United States that are
located at colleges and/or Universities (whether they are part of the
college program or not). Also, the contact names of the individuals in
charge. In California, I know of three...UC Santa Cruz, Humbolt State,
and I hear Cal Poly Pomona is initiating interest.

Any other related information, funding ideas (successful grant proposals),
resources, etc.. would be appreciated! I have yet to hear from CSANA on
this subject. Thanks so much!

Kathryn Post