CSA list question and NE Conference info

Hi list I have a question on protocol I receive a few other list and
commercialism is frowned upon.  My ques. we are planning to offer
Subscriptions to our farm for summer 1998 our first its so exciting and
nerve racking, am I allowed to give the info here ie: e-mail, snail mail
etc. for prospective customers to contact us.  Of the many aspects of
running a CSA finding members seems the most daunting, my husbands a
good(well he needs a little more convincing on becoming fully organic,I'm
working on him) gardener, I am fairly good (am learning) with animal
husbandry etc. but "business" something we must learn.  If this is not the
forum if someone will point me in the right direction thank-you.
Northeastern CSA is having a conference for info:
If I have messed up the address and you don't get in just type University
of Massachusetts Extension that should be good. Beth