CALL FOR GURUS!!!!!!!! with speaking skills.....and interest in large scale composting.

I am need of two speakers who would be interested in addressing an
audience of folks including educators, municipal waste site managers,
composting systems manufacturers, salesmen, etc..are linked by their
association with the composting of organic wastes.The topics would be:

1) Agricultural, environmental, ecological issues that have led to the
need for the safe, stabilized, life giving compost in our soils and
farmlands. A talk for the layman to recognize the factors driving
sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, and the result of
salts, demineralization, source pollution, runoff, leaching etc and the
need for proper development of tilth, humus, the rhizosphere etc.. A
mile wide and an inch deep, but non technical. Bottom line..why properly
made and stabilized compost is valuable in horticulture, agriculture, 
and  landscape planning! Essentially a one hour level setting in N.C.

2) Issues surrounding the large scale processes associated with
composting applications in manure treatment, carcass disposal,
reclamation and remediation, Mixed solid wastes, municipal sludges,
industrial wastes etc as relates to regulation, siting, public opinion,
and environmental concerns. A one hour level setting reflecting the
potentials, constraints, and considerations. Again, a non-technical
overview in one hour to complimet the previous session mentioned above.

If you are interested in delivering such as the above or can recommend

Larry Walker
7500 Spalding Lane, Atlanta, Georgia 30350 
phone 770-392-1313  fax 770 392-0078 email: atlintlcom@mindspring.com