Swedish Ag Intern Seeks Assistance (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 13:42:42 -0500
From: "Warren E. Clark" <Ag-PR@AGPR.COM>
Subject: Swedish Ag Intern Seeks Assistance

> I am looking for an employment opportunity or an internship within the
> agriculture
> industry such as marketing and information, but anything within
> ag-business is of interest to me. My special interest working for or
> with a company that is international.
> I am also interested if someone knows about any international
> scolarships that might be available to help me?
> My name is Josefine Hoijer and I am an "agriculture exchange student"
> from Sweden.
> I am 27 years old and have worked in Illinois with hogs (breeding
> stock),
> at a modern dairy farm with 350 cows in Minnesota and just finished an
> agricultural business
> business internship at UNIFORM-Agri Inc., Minnesota, which is an
> international
> company that markets dairy management software.
> In Sweden I have experience in hog production, hog management and the
> marketing of pork. I have also worked at 100 horse stud farm where I
> took part
> in the management. And finally, I have worked with energy forest
> replanting.
> Agriculture schooling plus a machine tending course is also on my list
> from Sweden.
> Before agriculture I had worked with graphical reproduction, design,
> and
> advertising. This is a strong requirement for my future in
> ag.-marketing.
> My intention was to start school in August but the university program
> I had enrolled has 90
> openings and 160 on the waiting list which I am 35<frown>
> Any help would be appreciated.  You can contact me at the following
> email address:  sheronne@wabasha.net
> Thank you in advance.

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