Re: Dairy-MAP -- Its not just for Dairy anymore! (fwd)

Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 17:32:37 -0400
To: RWalker@das8.cas.psu.edu
From: RWalker@das8.cas.psu.edu (Robert Walker)
Subject: Dairy-MAP -- Its not just for Dairy anymore!

Dairy-MAP now has a much improved Internet Web Presence: 


Dairy-MAP (Management and Profitability) program has designed their new web
page with not only the dairy producer in mind but all of agriculture while
they work on their web pages.  Their new web page is designed to assist
individuals and businesses in locating information in agriculture from
Dairy-L to Graze-L, from Bees to Sheep, Cows to Beef it's all on the
Dairy-MAP web pages and linking pages.  This information is free to
computer users with a modem and Internet capabilities.  Information from
the treatment of mastitis, animal diseases, mechanical problems with your
tractor, to tapping into the National Dairy Database.  All of this and much
more is available through Dairy-MAP and the Internet Superhighway of

With the mission of the Dairy-MAP program to teach business skills in a
workshop setting the new arm of Dairy-MAP is another skill that most
producers need to learn.  

The web page is not only designed for managers but for all users interested
in researching Dairy and Agriculture information.  From the Dairy-MAP home
page you can link to  Ag Publications, Dairy Software, Ag Organizations,
Commercial Dairy Sites, Dairy Publications, Dairy Farmer Home Pages, Ag
Software Companies,  Fun Cow Stuff, Computer resources, Internet Resources,
Newspapers, Search Engines, Internet/Web Training, Weather Sites, other
Ag-Related links and much more. 

 Most important to anyone is the Dairy-MAP Workshop schedule pages for each
of the workshops being held in Pennsylvania. From Managing For Success,
Financial Management, Human Resources to the newest workshops being
scheduled for Focus on the Future.
The new web pages by Dairy-MAP make available new management technology for
the collection of data to assist your daily business decisions to increase
the opportunity for profitability.  
Try the new Dairy-MAP web pages at:
http://www-das.cas.psu.edu/dairymap/  leave your comments, check out the
scheduled Dairy-MAP workshops in your area. The Information Age is
available through Dairy-MAP Home Page on the Internet Web. 

Robert Walker