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Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 13:37:49 -0400
From: "Clarence W. Walker" <atlintlcom@mindspring.com>
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Subject: Re: Article by Peter Montague

Thank you for your research and your fascinating article regarding so
many of the activities within the ranks of those who would foster the
increase in local, municipal, state, and regional landfills. With all
that we know about the very long term results of such sites I am more
committed than ever to the overwhelmingly clear need to discontinue any
paths that would propogate more of these monstrosities. Concurrently, I
cannot help but conclude that professional, large scale, cost-effective,
safe approaches to large scale composting processes and composting
systems provides us with the one clear cut solution that synergistically
and holistically addresses today's community, environmental, ecological,
and agricultural requirements for sustainable agriculture, municipal,
urban and rural planning. When addressed from the paradigm of an
integrated systems approach proper composting operations begin with the
collection systems and run through all related factors such as source
materials to be processed including agricultural manures, industrial
organic by products, MSW, carcasses, pulp and paper, fabrics, wood
scaps, cellulose, sludge and a broad host of others to properly collect,
recycle, prepare, mix, innoculate, foster thorough stabilization,
sifting, packaging and distribution. BUT, being far more than just an
approach to reduce mass or hide wastes the properly composted end
product is a totally stable pathogen free, mutagen free, safe and
valuable product that is well below all federal guidelines for metals,
toxic agents and any other pollutants. THIS product is perfect for all
agricultural, horticultural, landscaping or similar applications for the
home owner or the largest farm application. In THIS application what was
once organic waste is returned safly to the earth to add humus, improve
tilth, assist in waste holding, add vital microbiological life to the
soil, increase mineral content, and serve in a broad host of other vital
areas to build up and even remediate our salt laden, demineralized,
overly fertilized, often sterile soils while being a tremendous boon to
plant growth. We have the choice, do we continue to bury our problems or
pursue sustainability and life? Clarence W. Walker     


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