Full Circle Organic Farm 7/30/97

Your Week's Worth    7/30/97
from Full Circle Organic Farm, Auburn, CA (916) 885-9201 
1 bu     Chioggia beets
6-7       Small tomatoes
1 lb      Stockton Red sweet onions
1 ea  Eggplant --  Listada di Gandia, Louisiana Long, or Neon
2 lb      Zucchetta Rampicante (Italian trombone squash)
2           Sweet peppers - one colored, one green
1 ea     Armenian cucumber
2 pts    Strawberries
1+ lb    Flame Seedless grapes
1 bu     Genovese basil & Purple Ruffles

Zucchetta Rampicante
   By now it's obvious we're fascinated by long, green vegetables around
here.  The new addition this week is a different summer squash called
Zucchetta Rampicante, Italian Trombone Squash.  The seeds are only in the
bulb end, the neck is solid meat.  Unlike other summer squash that can get
soggy when overcooked, zucchetta stays firmer.  Some say its flavor is
similar to artichoke hearts.
  A taste of tomatoes!  Orange Pixies, Stiletz, and Tigerella have produced
in enough quantity for all of you to have the taste.  The large slicers are
just starting to turn color and seem to be running 1/2-3/4lb each!  We can
use some help tying up tomatoes.  A couple of rows including our cherry
tomato varieties are suffering from lack of time to tie them.  If you can
stand having a yellow tinge to your workclothes and skin until you wash them
and enjoy a physical farm challenge, give us a call to volunteer some time to
   For those of you with August payments...
  A personal note: Your farmer, Marcie, has been ill with headaches and
balance problems for a week.  If you can volunteer time on Thursday, Friday
or Saturday.  Please give us a call.  Thanks to those who have already
pitched in.