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The charter issue of the new
"Journal of Crop Production"
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Edited by Amarjit S. Basra, PhD, Department of Botany, 
Punjab Agricultural University, India, this new biannual
journal will assess, evaluate and review major production
issues of crop science, especially those leading to a
secure world food supply and resource conservation using
environmentally friendly technologies. The journal will
present invaluable state-of-the-art information in one
reliable forum which can be directly utilized. Each issue
will be devoted to a theme representing cutting-edge topics
or research front in the field.

This new journal will address the emerging issues evoked
by globalization in agriculture, the recent trade treaties,
and the need for international agreements on germplasm, 
environmental issues and human needs. The Journal of Crop 
Production will also cover new strategies in the field to
meet new needs and future challenges.
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