"John A. Keslick, Jr." <treeman@pond.com>

It is for the very reason that there is and always will be sewage,
despite the well intended notions that we return to bed pans..and even
then it has to go somewhere...that requires we bioremediate a sizable
portion of the waste stream before using it in agriculture or elsewhere.

The simple FACT is that applied, large scale, professional, cost
efficient, regulated, certified, standardized composting methodologies
using naturally occuring microbiological processes and proven management
techniques is nature's way of bioremediating ALL organic wastes, adding
to life in the soil, returning much needed minerals, increasing the
humate level, improving tilth, and a countless list of other beneficial

Nobody in their right mind would recommend the making or use of compost
that is not fully stabilized and remediated nor could they ever support
burying ANY organic waste in landfills! I certainly have not...but, I
HAVE invited the naysayers to objectively tell me direct benefits..other
than behind the scenes affiliation or funding..for burying millions of
tons of unremediated organics daily. I also HAVE offered to provide test
results of finished compost. And, I HAVE even offered to provide samples
from where we have composted remediated leachate fields, MSW, sludge,
and carcasses using exactly the approach described above.

 This material, whatever it once was, has been naturally cleansed in the
same way that we all will be and as has been done for millions of years. 
To date, as a recycler, environmentalist, agriculturist, composter all I
have ever heard from those who would impede the halting of more
landfills while avidly attacking composting is NOTHING..not one single
shred of objectivity or fact. Rather, what I continue to hear is
emotionalism and the same old diatribe referring to heavy metals...which
WE also are against, yet which WE are doing something to remove. WHY
bury that which is the source of life for our soils, the hope for our
agricultural systems, and that which could go a long way to fight world
hunger through improved agricultural systems and stewardship? Will
someone just once deal in truth and facts that are logically and
directly related to that which they so vigorously oppose and
impede...while building festering environmental time bombs! Better yet,
how about some help to do something positive.   

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