Re: 40,000 U.S. farmers, but not one ounce of reason

I would like to call attention to a short article in FEEDSTUFFS magazine on
July 11, 1994, entitled "Microfarmer, 'clean foods' could reach 25% of
consumers".   According to Gerald Celente, president of The Trends Institute
in Rhineeck, NY, "microfarmers will challenge food giants just as
microbrewers are  confronting  brewery giants today, by producing upper-end,
premium-priced products that are bought for their perceived quality and
safeness as well as their uniqueness.  Microfarmers will be driven by demand
for 'clean food', certifiably free of artificial preservatives, drug residues
and synthetic pesticides and will be produced without genetic manipulation...
."   Lest microfarmers be chalked off as producing for a less than meaningful
consumer segment, Celente advised that they will market to 19 to 25% of the
population and represent 12-18% of the agrimarket by the year 2015.  Clean
foods will be the "ace" in the food producers"s hole in the future, he said.
    (above abstracted from FEEDSTUFFS, July 11, 1994)

I may be missing something here, but the title of these postings "40,000 U.S.
farmers, but not one ounce of reason" is offensive to me and probably to many
farmers.  Perhaps we could just as easily write " 40,000  lawyers, but not
one ounce of honesty". <G>

Doc Holliday

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