Information on the Chile-Heads list

Announcing the Internet mailing list Chile-Heads!!!

The Chile-Heads list is intended to provide a forum for discussion of matters
relating to chile peppers; including, but not limited to:

	o  Growing peppers
	o  Seed and plant sources
	o  Exchanges of seeds/plants/pods/etc.
	o  Exotic varieties
	o  Storing and preserving chiles
	o  Recipes using chiles 
	o  Hot Sauces
	o  Other related posts

The list is un-moderated.

You can subscribe to the list by sending a one line message containing
the command SUBSCRIBE to the listserv address:

As of 1 September 1994 the list has been averaging about 10-12 messages a
day.  If you would prefer to receive the Digest form of the list (one
mailing per day) then send 

	SUBSCRIBE chile-heads-digest <your name here>

to  LISTSERV@chile.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu 

Messages to the list should be sent to