Nutrition software

List of some popular nutrition software which can be downloaded from
bulletin boards, major online services or ftp sites. The descriptions are
>from  their authors. Each software author is limited to one entry although
some authors released more than one product.

Online services: CompuServe, America Online (the Windows Forum should have
all of them)

FTP sites: (each ftp site is organized a bit differently, look for these
files in directories such as pub/pc/win3/misc, pub/win3/misc, or
cica/misc; use login name: anonymous, password: [your email address])

File:  DTK20.ZIP (431871 bytes)
AUTHOR:    Softrac Corporation
Diet Tracker is the easy and fun way to track your diet. It will work with
ANY diet since it tracks weight changes over time and reports those
changes relative to your own personal goal. Diet Tracker reports weight
changes and other nutritional information in graph, calendar, and list
form. Diet Tracker can even be used to track stocks and golf scores.  
Notes: This shareware version is limited to tracking 10 entries.
Registered version will allow 999 entries.

File:  NUTRBSJR.ZIP (165674 bytes)
AUTHOR:    MunchWare
Nutri-Base Jr. is a nutritional database and analysis program. It uses a
very simple point-and-click user interface that allows one to quickly find
out important nutritional information on a variety of foods. A list of all
the food items consumed during the day can then be quickly compiled, and
the resulting daily totals of each nutrient can be quickly displayed at
the click of a button. Nutri-Base automatically analyzes the nutrient
information and calculates what percentage of total calories comes from
carbohydrates, protein, fat, and from saturated fat. Included is a
Nurtrition Reference section that provides basic information about each
nutrient so that one can better understand his or her diet. This version
(the Junior/unregistered version) contains only a 100 item database.

File:  HSMART.ZIP (87569 bytes)
AUTHOR:    Henning Associates
Heart Smart is a program for monitoring calories, fat, and cholesterol in
your diet. The program includes a 900 item modifiable food list, and the
ability to print a weekly menu. The program features on-line documentation
in the Heart Smart Help File. Menus can be saved and retrieved for easy
modification of a diet plan.

File:  NUTRI_23.ZIP (306673 bytes)
AUTHOR:    The Iron Jungle
This file requires VBRUN200.DLL (Visual Basic Runtime), which is included.
This program will NOT work with VBRUN100.DLL or VBRUN300.DLL. Runs only in
Standard or Enhanced, not in Real mode.
New with this version:
-Upgraded to Visual Basic 2.0 runtime.
-General maintenance release.
NUTRICAL is a nutrition planning and analying software package. The
program runs under Windows and has a very easy to use 'point and click'
user interface. Features include logging of all food items consumed, a
graphical output of the amount of calories, and Fat, Protein, and
Carbohydrate amounts as calories and percent of calories. The graph shows
you the trend that your diet has followed over time. The food database can
be modified with custom 'dishes' to meet your needs.

File:  FSCR21.ZIP (343825 bytes)
AUTHOR:    Frank Imburgio (Desktop Solutions)
>From  Scratch is a Windows-based recipe program. It uses dBase IV files,
and includes nutrition information, complete search function, toolbar
interface,and more.
Program features:
* Easy-to-use design simulates a stack of recipe cards
* Speedbar allows common procedures to be performed in a single mouse
* dBase compatible file format allows you unlimited access to your
* Includes features for nutrition information
* Includes time to prepare field
* Unlimited number of recipes (limited only by disk space)
* Unlimited number of ingredients per recipe
* Search for a recipe containing any part of ingredient, keyword, or title
* Shopping list manager sorts by category, so the list is in a logical
order when you shop
* Up to 10,000 characters per entry can be included for instructions
* Yield conversion uses the computer to multiply the amount of
ingredients, even for fractions

File:  NSWP30.ZIP (645362 bytes)
AUTHOR:    NutriSoft
NutriSoft Weight Perfect is a Microsoft Windows program that allows you to
monitor your diet and establish a plan to lose (or gain) weight. The
program calculates the amount of fat, carbohydrate, protein, and calories
in your food consumption using a standard database of common foods or your
own data. It analyzes the caloric contribution from fat, protein and
carbohydrate from the food you eat and helps you obtain a more healthful
diet. It also provides utilities to calculate your ideal weight, body mass
index, suggested daily caloric and maximum fat intake. You can save the
daily plan for later retrieval and print out reports of the program's
nutritional analyses. Flexible and powerful, this well-designed program is
indispensable to anyone who wants to achieve a more desirable weight.
Other features include convenient food search capability, user's food
database support, printer font selection, and graphic analysis of

New with this version:
- professional food database containing approximately 10,000 food items
(registered version),
- more sophisticated food search capability: 'not' and 'and' Boolean
search; global and local search,
- quick serving amount data entry,
- quick find: locate food consumed that is highest or lowest in a
particular nutrient.
- copy, cut and paste meals: editing food data is easier and easier
because you can conveniently reuse previously edited meals.

All previously available features are retained or improved. Also by
NutriSoft: Lower Your Cholesterol (nslyc32.zip), Diabetic Nutrition
(nsdn33.zip), High Blood Pressure Nutrition (nshbpn32.zip).