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Re: Difference, Community, and Sustainability

>what if they're under 18? what then? should they be repressed if they're

You're asking the wrong question.  It isn't a question of whether they
"should".  In your community or mine, obviously they shouldn't.  But from a
Christian's point of view, they should.  From a Christian's point of view,
being gay is a sin and shouldn't be tolerated in their community.  What
makes your view any more "correct" than theirs?  Why shouldn't a Christian
be allowed to come into your home and tell you what to do with your gay son
or daughter?  For the same reason YOU shouldn't be allowed to tell them what
to do with theirs.  Those are the only "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" in
question here.

The question is not "should a gay person be repressed", because that answer
will be different for every culture.  The question is "should diverse,
autonomous cultures be allowed to exist?"  If you answer yes to that
question, then you must answer yes to the question "Should a Christian
community be allowed to repress gays?"  Note that answering yes to this
question does NOT mean you condone repressing gays, or that you like the
fact that they do this or are OK with it.  It simply means you are
practicing what you preach.

>it is my business
>if it affects me
>anything which affects me
>is my business

This is the problem with American society.  They believe that everything
affects them and therefore is fair game for interference.  That is just as
true, as I am trying to point out, of the liberal and enlightened crowd as
it is for the conservative and repressive crowd.  A Christian missionary
believes that if a single person on earth is left "unconverted", they are
personally affected and it is their personal duty to convert these people.
A suburban conservative believes that none of their neighbors should be
allowed to leave their lawns uncut or paint their house purple, because in
their mind it devalues THEIR property.

Likewise, a liberal "missionary" believes that every society should tolerate
having people of different races and religions living in their communities,
that every society should think gays are cool, that every society should do
this or that.  The problem is not having such beliefs; the problem is
thinking everyone else should.


Lee A. Flier
Atlanta and Ellijay, Georgia