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Re: Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???

Kelley wrote:
>... I would have to travel quite a
>distance for a course.  As far as I know, the closest courses are in Nova
>Maryland and Tennessee (except for exceptionally rare courses offered a
>bit closer).
>Not only is the money a factor, but the time is very difficult for me as
>well.  It's
>hard to be gone for a week ...

Then find the students from your area (all the "Intro to PC" readers are
potential students) ,
get a teacher and organize with that teacher the course at your place.

you get all the advantage you miss, on the top may be ideas for your farm
and some work done, and you start a network of PC-concerned people in your

Make it happen locally!
remember "think global, handle local" is also a good idea


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