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Re: Bill Mollison copyright statement

gracias syke my experience has been the same in many parts of mexico and the
third world   have you tryed clay sandwich cisterns ?  everything can be had
locally  mike collins  sonoma permaculture   if you can't even afford bus
fare to sell what you have  mouth to mouth   que mas  pero tiene una pala y
una asadone este es todo de la realidad.   sigue por lo puro earthworks and
large leaves amigo  sientido en la vida ellos antes de demonstracion  come
la realidad  ellos  abrir una puerta super limitado pero muy abierto de la
spiritualidad y poco de la materialisma  reentra de la
psychodelicointelligenciopermaculturismo como de las viejos y bajamos en una
mundo con sus soluciones en este mundo  ahora    ciao
>From: Skye <skye@tortuga.com>
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>Subject: Re: Bill Mollison copyright statement
>Date: Sun, Jun 6, 1999, 9:03 PM

>Hola Thilo Pfennig
>"I think everybody can have access to the internet"  -- wow!!!
>Let me tell another story.
>Yesterday I was in a course with people from isolated Mayan villages.
>The theme of the workshop was water harvesting and conservation. We
>stood in the 42deg (C) heat while I demonstrated sheet mulching around 
>a fruit tree as a way to reduce evaporation. At the end, they said they
>thought it was a good idea (in saying so they were challenging and
>breaking many strong cultural patterns) but asked me if I knew where
>they could get the newspaper. 
>In asking further I realised that most of these people had never had the
>opportunity to learn to read or write (although all were totally fluent
>in at least two languages!). There is no newspaper in their village.
>I guess because their disposable income is effectively nothing,
>globalisation has not yet exploited their village. Some have only
>recently received connection to the electricity grib (which inevitably
>brings with it the Coca Cola truck!!!).
>In the workship we also built a type of ferro-cement tank of 2000litres,
>at a cost of $40 - but for most of them that was simply far too
>expensive - although a few expressed an indication that they would try
>to save their money in the hope that they could build one next year.
>Access to internet????? They have no money. Few phones exist in the
>community. Most cannot read. And more importantly the very concept is
>totally foreign to them. Even if my spanish was good enough to translate
>it, 99% of what is written in this listservor would be utter giggerish
>and their comprehension - although if we cared to listern they could
>teach us a great deal.
>Its fine for some of us to be connected into the global economy,
>especially if we use it constructively. But don't get caught into
>believing the corporate propaganda about a better world for all. The
>rich are getting richer (and better connected) - the poor are still poor
>- and getting more so.
>Stay connected, but also try to remember what the reality is in this
>world. Some have, most do not.
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