Synergistic Agriculture workshop in Arkansas

FYI, here's an announcement from a non-profit in my region:  

       "Synergistic Agriculture: A New Way to Garden"

Emilia Hazelip, lecturer and permaculture consultant for the
gardens of Les Courmettes in France, will be offering a
course on Synergistic Agriculture at Meadowcreek
environmental education center on Feb. 4-5, 1995, as part of
her U.S. teaching tour.  

Ms. Hazelip has studied extensively the agriculture systems
of the Mayas of Mexico, the Berbers of North Africa, and the
"natural farming" methods of renowned Japanese farmer and
author Masanobu Fukuoka.  

A farmer who has rejected the plow, Ms. Hazelip has spent
the last 15 years developing a system of soil self-fertility
by using a broad diversity of plant materials (vegetables,
cereals, and fruits) without the use of legumes on permanently 
mulched non-tilled ground. 

Ms. Hazelip's 15 hour class at Meadowcreek will include such
topics as the principles of synergistic agriculture, soil
self-fertility, erosion control and soil improvement
strategies, methods for crop production in an uncultivated
soil, permaculture basics, composting made easy, and the
integration and care of bees, poultry, and other species
into a growing system.  The ideas presented are applicable
for both home gardeners and commercial growers.  

The class fee is $145 and includes lodging and meals. 
Contact Megan Hughes or Kellie French at Meadowcreek for
more details and a registration packet at 501-363-4500.

Meadowcreek is a non-profit organization located in Stone
County, Arkansas, offering classes and workshops in
renewable energy and sustainable agriculture.