Re: Info on the New Alchemist Institute

REPLY:  It still exists, at least the half in Massachusetts.  They have an "ark"
largely isolated from the environment (except for solar radiation) in which
fish feed on organic growth which in turn is fertilized by the fish.  Try
508-564-6301 in Hatchfield (near Marston's Mills on Cape Cod);  
 address 237A Hatchville Rd, Hatchville MA (zip =  ?)

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> Last Saturday I saw an old 16mm film from '74 about a group called the New
> Alchemist Institute. This group is/was located in Vermont. They were
> building a model farm that utilized organic farming techniques along with
> alternative energy production. Some of the things they did envolved
> raising their own fish and building their own windmills. 
> I was wondering if anybody new if this group is still around and if so, do
> you have their address? Thanks alot.
> -Jason Wasson
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