Re: Info on the New Alchemist Institute

jwasson@eznet.net (Jason Wasson) writes:

>Last Saturday I saw an old 16mm film from '74 about a group called the New
>Alchemist Institute. This group is/was located in Vermont. They were
>building a model farm that utilized organic farming techniques along with
>alternative energy production. Some of the things they did envolved
>raising their own fish and building their own windmills. 

>I was wondering if anybody new if this group is still around and if so, do
>you have their address? Thanks alot.

>-Jason Wasson

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John Todd moved on to Ocean Arks: 1 Locust Street, Salmus, MA 02546
508-540-6801; wastewater/solar aquaculture

(Info from the Millenium Whole Earth Catalog, which has no mention of
Todd or New Alchemy at all  in the index; articles some years ago in
Whole Earth Review about Ocean Arks might be worth looking up in your
local library/interlibrary loan)