Re: Internet sites in Permaculture FAQ 1.2

Steve and everyone,

I've made a few changes to FAQ version 1.1 and placed
them at http://csf.colorado.edu/perma/faq.html (which
is only a table of contents), including the instructions
for the Australian mailing list:

 To subscribe, send a message to "listserver@eepo.com.au"
   Put the line:


   in the body of the mail message.

Thanks to Steve for managing the FAQ!


 :}Permaculture-MG readers, 
 :}The Permaculture FAQ, Version 1.2 is almost ready 
 :}for posting on the Web.  
 :}Please take a look at the following list and let me 
 :}know if you have any suggestions for other sites.  
 :}I have deleted several sites since Version 1.1 and 
 :}have also added several new sites.     
 :}Can anybody tell me if the Perma List in Australia
 :}(see #2) is active and how to subscribe?  
 :}(majordomo, listserv, listproc?) 
 :}Steve Diver