The trials J Haskett suggested have in fact been carried out.  Maria 
Thun and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer have published works and there is a 
research institute in the Netherlands that has conducted similar 
trials and is engaged on ongoing studies.  I do not have references to 
hand but will post them as soon as possible.

As to the 'fingerprinting' and 'vibrational' aspects.  Because we have 
no way as yet of measuring such energies doesn't mean we won't be able 
to in the future.  It's not too many centuries since electricity was a 
mystery to even scientific minds.

Water can give us a clue to how fingerprinting works.  As a 
non-scientist I have been given to understand that it is recognition 
of this unique identity that enables trout and salmon, to name just 
two, to find their way back to a particular spawning ground years 
after their own birth.
Schwenk (another reference I will endeavour to locate and post) also 
demonstrated this beautifully with drops of coloured water.  The 
inherent rhythm or fingerprint of a particular element was imparted to 
water and then demonstrated by injecting one drop of the treated water 
into distilled water - the individual rhythm was replicated in the 
distilled water.  Like much of natural science it is a beautiful 
process and highly aesthetically pleasing.
Regards, Valerie