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K > you see food consumption, food preserving in the next 20, 30 or 40 years?
K > Do you see any trends now that will continue?

  World population continues to increase, fish population in the
oceans continues to decrease ... ten years ago I was of the opinion
overpopulation would lead to overfishing to extinction - we're almost
there.  A large part of the world's population which to this point
has depended on fish for protein will have to switch to a vegetable
based food supply. This will put enormous pressure on arable land with
added conflict over such land.

 We're heading toward more of a vegetable based society - even in the
decadent west. As air transportation systems become larger flying tree
ripened peaches from Chile to Toronto in January becomes a viable

  Bird's Eye is moving to fresh rather than frozen in a big way. This
is happening in spite of highly efficient freezing and storage
facilities, trucking. The frozen vegetable is enhanced with the
advanced microwave ovens of the 90s which cook frozen vegetables
very nicely.  The move to fresh vegetables is driving the Bird's Eye
move - our local grocery stores are proof they are right.  In my
immediate area are four large stores - I'm hard pressed to see
anybody buying in the frozen foods section while the fresh produce
section is usually overcrowded.

 The explosion in the number of stand alone fresh fruit and vegetable
stores which compete head on with the grocery chains is additional

  Chile and South Africa today, Australia will supply my table in a
few years.

   For those folks who have the time and effort, food preserving will
see a comeback. It's happening already.  10 years ago, one could find
canning supplies in only the old fashioned retailer. Today we see
canning supplies sold year round in department stores and in boutique
kitchen suppliers in fancy marble covered shopping malls.

   If I can't have it fresh, I'd like to have it on my pantry shelf
where I know what went into it.  The boomers are re-inventing the food
chain as they creep towards old age.

Last comment on fish .....

  Fish farming will see exponential growth in the decades ahead.  It
will be supplied fresh to the markets. Fish is often considered to be
a healthy food choice, we may yet eat as much fish as our
great-grandparents did but we'll not consume the mountains of salt
they did.  Already we have better health for passing up the salt.

  In the end, it isn't oil that is the most strategic commodity.


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