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I apologize for the two cryptic messages I sent on the sanet-mg yesterday. While
trying out some LISTSERV commands found in an Internet manual, I clearly did
something incorrectly. Was I ever embarrassed when I saw my queries "broadcast"
on the sanet-mg! Oops...

While I'm here, I might as well introduce myself. I'm a computer systems analyst
with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture. I and others have started a
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project in Boise, Idaho. We formed a
nonprofit corporation, contracted with local organic growers, and sold shares in
their harvests to local households. We're currently distributing those shares
twice weekly from a garage owned by one of the shareholders. We're working with
6 growers and 35 households this season, which is our first. So far, everyone
seems quite pleased with the project. I'd be happy to send you more information
about our project. Also, I would love to hear from others involved in similar
projects - let's swap notes! (I might mention that our editor, Robert Stevahn,
culls interesting tidbits from sanet-mg and puts them in our quarterly
newsletter called "Growing Concern")

I'm also developing a working prototype of a computer program to produce site
designs based on permaculture design principles. The program consists of a
database of design elements, a computer-assisted drafting (CAD) tool, and an
electronic permaculture design consultant that walks the user through the design
process. I started this project because I felt the need for such software for my
own personal use. Do you think others have a similar need? Do you know of any
similar projects?

The sanet-mg has proven to be an informative and stimulating forum for me. It's
good to see the level of interest in sustainable agriculture so high. I believe
SA is not merely interesting - it's essential for the long-term well-being of
this planet and the people who live on it. Forums like sanet-mg play an
important part in the flow of information and ideas. Keep those messages coming!

Martin Danner
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An32959@Anon.Penet.Fi to All - Sunday, September 19th:
Discussing: [ DAMPING OFF aka DAMP OF


A>  Can anyone offer any advice on the prevention of DAMPING OFF?
 >  (other than the scrubbing of pans and pots in soapy water, then
 >   soaking them in bleach, and cooking soil for quite a long time)
 >  Is Captan effective, if so what method should be used with it.
 >  Also any other advice and criticism is very welcome!

Dr. Harry Hoitink in Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University branch
of OARDC in Wooster, has documented that the best *prevention* of
damping off, fusarium in particular, is the use in the soil mixture of
fully cured compost.

His research which was first published in 1973 is so well documented
that fusarium suppression is not a means of determining compost
stability. The absence of humus, such as soilless mixtures, or the
presence of immature compost, is the proper environment for fusarium

To prevent fusarium, add up to 30% fully cured compost to the soil
mixture. Guaranteed, no fusarium or damping off.

Jim  Mr Compost~~~ McNelly

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