One neem product--Azatin (tm) (azadirachtin from neem seed extract)
has recently received EPA registration for ALL food crops, according
to the manufacturer, AgriDyne of Salt Lake City.  An AgriDyne
representative told me that they will be conducting demonstration
projects this year and that it should be commercially available in

I am particularly interested in seeing (at the least) a lab assay of
Azatin vs. the plum curculio.  I understand that some neem products
are effective against other weevils (e.g., rice weevil), so it seems
to me there may be some reason to believe it could be effective
against the PC.

Dan Cooley, I know you're out there (I appreciated your comments
about labor and the sustainability of fruit production in this
country).  Maybe you could put this particular bug in Ron Prokopy's
ear.  We have no lab or other research facilities at ATTRA, so I have
to hope that you fellas in research will look at this
possibility...or maybe you can give me some other clues on how to
approach this.