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I am not associated with La Tierra, but i attended a two-day Permaculture
workshop there with Bill Moillison and Scott Pittman and it was GREAT. I
assume all readers of this ng are familair with Permaculture, so i will
not bother to describe it. La Tierra is a group of 4 families located on
15 acres of old apple orchards, worn out pasture and sedge wetlands, with
a year-round creek (unusual in California). I assume that some of what
will be done there will be hands-on work setting up swales and ponds, as
these were laid out by Mollison when he gave the two-day workshop. 

The two-week course grants one certification as a Permaculture Design
Trainee and entitles one to use the term Permaculture in pursuit of a
livelihood and for educational purposes. 

Course Topics Include:
Permaculture philosophy and ethics
Principles of natural systems
Permaculture principles and design methodology
Reading the landscape/site analyisis
Soil building/erosion control
Water in the landscape
Village design
Building design/shelters
Energy conservation
Gardening techniques