Re: Info needed on Nim (Neem?) tree

Bob Thomson <caribdesk@IGC.APC.ORG> writes:

> Does anyone on the "network" have information about this tree or can you
> point us to someone who does?

I am no botanist but with the help of the Encyclopedia of Suriname
I will try to give a fast first answer. I will also seek additional
information from more able coleagues at our University.

Two related plants, bith refered to as "Neem" grow in Suriname.
Both are originally from Asia and have been brought to Suriname by
immigrants from India and/or Indonesia.

Both are of the family of Meliaceae (and thus it seems tom me that
they are related to the Mahogany) and both have feather-like
compound leaves.

The leaves of both are known to be effective medicine against
scabies and rash.

One is Melia azedarach L. with 1 cm long light purple flowers and
a yellow or brownish fruit.

The other is Melia azadirachta L. (= Azadirachta indica Juss)
with white flowers.

The latter has cultural/religious significance for Hindu's; in
India it is a sacred tree.
An extract of its leaves is used against fever.
The plant contains a bitter resinous gum that has anitseptic

Its leaves are used to prevent rice to be invested by insects.

I did not find anything about use as fertilizer.

Hope this helps.


Percy van Kanten

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