Info needed on Nim (Neem?) tree

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Subject: Info needed on Nim (Neem?) tree

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Subject: Information on the Nim (Neem?) tree
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From: Bob Thomson <bthomson@web.apc.org>
Subject: Information on the Nim (Neem?) tree

Greetings from IFAT, the International Federation for Alternative Trade.

I've just had a visitor from UCIRI, a co-op coffee producers federation in
Mexico which exports organic coffee to a number of alternative trading
organizations that are members of IFAT.

They have some seeds of a plant called the Nim or Neem tree which is good
for nitrogen fixation and has properties which also make it a good organic
pesticide.  It originally comes from Bangladesh but apparently is well
established in Burkina Faso and other parts of Africa.  They got seeds from
a farm in the Canary Islands.  They've been looking for information about
the tree, its cultivation and properties for some time and have found very
little in the way of written material.

Does anyone on the "network" have information about this tree or can you
point us to someone who does?

The UCIRI representative will be coming back to our office on Wednesday
(Sept.1) and it would be a nice demonstration of the power of computer
networking to be able to show him that one can actually use all this fancy
technology to find information that is useful to small farmers.