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Date: Mon, 06 Mar 1995 20:16:19 WST
From: Warwick Rowell <warwick@bettong.eepo.dialix.oz.au>
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Subject: Re: Soil Quality (fwd)

My paraphrase of Manfred Max Neef:

"When we talk about "sustainable productivity" we accept "productivity" and 
argue about the meaning and amounts of "sustainability". If we turn the 
words around: "developing sustainability" we are talking about a 
totally different paradigm."

It was from a paper he wrote for the South Commission report about foure 
years ago. It contained a number of very good articles on the problems
of measuring economies, about the problems of GNP as a measure, and 
about alternative measures.

Even in this series, Manfred's clarity and quality of thinking shone 

Now, the exact reference..

It hasn't emerged. But I have just shifted my office. My apologies.
Can anyone else help?
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