Re: People in Agriculture

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  > The question on women in Ag got me thinking... Lets dream up a 
list of the
  > 10 most important people in Agriculture throughout all time.  
  > thought isn't it... 
  > My top prospects..
  <snip the list> (valid as it is)
  > most of the others I can think of are fairly specific to a field 
(for me
  > cotton) but what about others.

:::Bill Mollison:::
Here's a name that people will be remembering when we're long gone. 
Who is he? The originator of Permaculture as we see it today. From 
humble beginnings in Tasmania, Australia, his philosophies and 
concepts are now being taught world-wide and are having a very 
significant influence on how developing countries (especially) shuffle 
off the coil of monocultural practices commonly considered as *aid* 
and *development* by more *sophisticated* societies.e.g. Vietnam, 
Cuba, Aboriginal Australia, India, Pakistan... the list goes on.