Hello!  My name is Susan Ornelas (recently changed from Susan Toms, I got
married) I have worked in Sustainable Agriculture for close to 20 years.
Currently I am working as an U.C. Agriculture Advisor on the Hoopa
Reservation in Northern California.  In this job I am working to develop
agriculture on the reservation, along with develop a sustainable agriculture
education program (also on the reservation).  Anyone had experience in this
type of endeavor?  If so, I would love to hear from you.

I have also developed a sustainable agriculture education program for
Humboldt State University.  This consists of a class which includes 2 hour
lectures/week along with a 3 hour/week lab on the farm.  The farm is a 2
acre Community Supported Agriculture project which has 35 shareholders.  We
mostly practice French Intensive practices, but we are facinated with
Fukuoka principles and are attempting to incorperate these theories into out
land management scheme.  On this site an extended Hmong family farms 1/4
acre.  We are working to cooperate and communicate more with this part of
our community.  Anyone had experience here?

Generally I am interested in curriculum being developed in these areas and
if anyone is developing outreach programs to bring sustainable agriculture
experience to elementary and highschool kids.  

Looking forward to this discussion!  Hello to Dan Dalthorp in entomology at

Susan Ornelas