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Permaculture Design by Correspondence?

Hi permaculturalists,

I have lurked for a few months - am really interested in permaculture, but need 
to brush up my technical skills.  I was hoping for some
advice on which correspondence Permaculture Design courses were available and 

I would prefer something based on the East Coast, but since it is 
correspondence, I suppose it doesn't make TOO much

BTW, I have a 100 acre deer farm in Michelago, just south of Canberra.  We have 
a cold? temperate climate and a low rainfall.
I desparately want to make something of our place as an example for others in 
the area, because the Monaro district
has a reputation for being abused and very clapped-out (the farm-land that is).

Hope someone can help.


Cathy Morison

"To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are"