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recycled rubber                             

We are offering a new product for trees that replaces the traditional 
method of using wire in a hose to stake a tree.  We call the product CAMB 
GUARDS and we make them from used tractor trailer inner tubes.  They are 
broad, belt-like and flexible and do allow the tree to sway while not 
hurting the bark.  Universities involved with the study of this product 
include  Cornell,  North Carolina,  Kent,  Temple and others.  We will 
donate to Universities. For more information contact me JOHN A KESLICK, 
JR. at 610-696-5353 or E-mail at "treeman@locke.ccil.org".  Home page 

John A. Keslick, Jr.
Professional Modern Arborist 
& Tree Biologist


Kent State University   2491 SR 45 South   Salem,   OH    44460   
216-332-0361 ext.220
Temple University, Dept. of Landsc. Arch./Hort.  580 Meetinghouse Rd.  
Ambler, PA  19002   215-283-1200
North Carolina State University  Mike Parker  Box 7609, NCSU   Raleigh,  
NC   27695   919-515-1198
Cornell University  Nina Bassuk Dept. of Floral Cult. & Hort. 20 Plant 
Science  Ethica, NY`  14853   607-255-4586
The New York Botanical Garden  Wayne Cahilly  Manager, Arboretum & 
Grounds  200th Street and Southern Boulavard - Bronx,  New York   10458
Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsyvania.   Bill Graham,  9414 
Meadowbrook Ave,  Phila,  Pa  19118    215-247-5777
Scott Arboritum  Jeff Jabco     Swarthmore       PA     610-328-8294
DAVEY RESOURCE GROUP  Trevor F. Vidic   1500 North Mantua St.  Kent, Ohio 
44240   216-673-9511

For additional information see:See- Dr. Richard W. Harris(Second   
Edition)      	     Arboriculture(1992)pg212.
"More information is needed on staking that protects trees without unduly 
restricting top movement."
See-Dr. Alex L. Shigo(world wide TREE PRUNING) (1989) 
See-Dr. Alex L. Shigo(MODERN ARBORICULTURE)(1991) 
See-Dr. Alex L. Shigo(100 Tree       Myths(1993)Myth 10 pg 10;
Myth 11  pg10.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Dr. Anthony J. Trewavas 
(Tree respon. to sudden loss  of branches that effects movement & stabl. 
of remain. trunk.)	To see how movements stimulated proteins to bond 
with calcium, thus strengthening cell walls.
		PLANTING TREES for communities(US            Forest 

        TREE BASICS the book

I have just finished donating 300+ new books by DR. ALEX L. SHIGO at 
Shigo and Trees, Associates, PO. BOX 769 DURHAM, NH 03824 USA, PHONE 
(603)-868-7459, FAX (603)-868-1045.  They title the book TREE BASICS and 
they gear this book for sixth grade students and above.  I donated to the 
schools in my area.  One book to each library sixth grade and above, and 
one to the science coordinator.  I also donated the book to all the 
public libraries I came across.  I have received some very pleasing 
letters back from some of these people.

We need your help in getting this book out.  The cost at 100 is $1.90 
each.  So please consider buying these books to donate to your schools, 
municipalities, universities, and public libraries.

Thanks for your help.

John A. Keslick Kr
E-Mail: treeman@locke.ccil.org

John A. Keslick Jr.