communal organic farm informational gathering, Berkeley, Feb 25

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From: sennet@haas.berkeley.edu (Sennet Williams)
Date: 19 Feb 1996 22:53:23 GMT
Organization: /etc/organization

         This coming Sunday (Feb 25) there will be an informational and 
networking event for everyone interested in joining or starting communal 
sustainable farms, short or long term.  This is intended to become a 
regular event, and there will be presentations on several rural 
communities being formed (now or later) through our organization.
	Additionally, all groups with existing or forming rural 
communities are invited/requested to present information for seekers.   
This also applies to future meetings.
Help us put up fliers for this meeting!  
email your snailmail address to greenplan@igc.apc.org,
 and we will send you preprinted fliers to post!:
Live / join / help start:
A sustainable co-operative organic farm or 
rural commune this summer, spring, or fall.
Short or Long term,  choice of regions
Many different lifestyles and activities
Get out of the  city, away from the system!
	This informational meeting is an opportunity to network with 
other people who plan to live sustainable and healthy lifestyles in rural 
communities.  Information will also be presented on existing rural 
intentional communities that have room or jobs for guests and new members.
There are opportunities to live in many different places, including 
California and other states, even in Latin America.  Some locations are 
close enough for weekend trips to enjoy nature and help build community.
Possibilities include:
-Nonprofit or collective ownership	-Permaculture  
-Solar and wind energy production	-creating a retreat center
-cultural diversity a priority 		-Planting or tending organic 
-starting organic microbrewery	
-many communities are drug and/or alcohol free
-Growing and selling organic vegetables this summer
-Establishing sustainable living eco-village demonstration project
-building eco-friendly alternative housing   (Straw bale, Earthships?)
-permanent residency or guest privileges
-regional tours (this spring or summer) of 
	successful existing alternative intentional communities.
If you are interested in joining or learning about communities, please 
call and come to the networking meeting.  If you are involved with an 
existing or forming community, please bring information about your group!
Sunday, Feb. 25 6 pm.    Three short blocks from Ashby BART  (GreenPLAN)
 call 845-5416 for directions or email greenplan@igc.apc.org for homepage 
If you arrive early, you will be welcome to peruse information of 
existing communities nationwide and literature on ecological and 
sustainable living.