The Small Commercial Garden

Title: The Small Commercial Garden

The Small Commercial Garden

How to Make $10,000 a Year in Your Backyard

What makes this book unique is that it was not written by a writer who researched commercial gardening. It was written by a successful commercial gardener who is also a writer. That provides readers the opportunity to learn not only from those things that have been proven to work well, but also from the mistakes that were made along the way. This book provides the details you need, specifics written by a person who has been there, who has received the superb education that can only be achieved through commercial gardening success.

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For the home gardener

Who wants to become a commercial gardener or to improve hobby performance by using commercial production techniques. Major topics include:

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For the commercial gardener

The book explains proven and innovative ideas to increase your production and profits.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 11. Cabbage
2. Commercial Gardening 12. Carrots
3. Marketing 13. Cucumbers
4. Commercial Design 14. Onions
5. Planning 15. Peas
6. Growing Transplants 16. Peppers
7. Growing 17. Tomatoes
8. Harvesting 18. Zucchini
9. Recommended Crops 19. Other Crops
10. Beans 20. This Business of Gardening

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The Video

The supportingVHS video is almost nineteen minutes long and covers the more difficult tasks explained in the book to include:

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How to Order

The book was written by Dan Haakenson, a commercial gardener. It has 208 8 1/2 x 11 pages, with over 100 photos and drawings. It sells for $19.95 postpaid.

The video sells for $19.95 when purchased separately, or $10 when purchased with the book.

If you want more information, send e-mail to dhaaken@emh1.tic.bismarck.nd.us

To order call 1-800-871-4296 or write to PC-Services, PO Box 7294, Bismarck, ND 58501-7294.

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