Permaculture Design Course in Spain

Title: Permaculture Design Course in Spain


Permaculture Design Course in Spain

A Permaculture Design Course is to be run in English at Finca La Mohea, in
southern Spain, from 1st September. Cost is 350 UK pounds for 2 weeks
including all food (vegetarian) and accommodation.

Finca La Mohea is being developed as a whole according to sustainable
philosophies, using modern techniques of organic and biodynamic farming
with a design framework of permaculture.

The course will follow the classic 72-hour pattern and will be co-taught by
Ruth Bond and a recognised permaculture diploma holder. While it will cover
the standard design syllabus, it will be of particular interest to those
working in dryland climates.

Further information is available from the following World Wide Web URL:


or, for direct access to the course information:


Anyone who does not have access to the Web can email me and I will send
them the text files.

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