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Subject: C content of various tropical crops


I am currently working on the implications of an agro-forestry project
proposal, in West Africa, in terms of carbon sequestration. Would
anybody know about where I could find out standard figures for the
carbon content of:
- Theobroma cacao
- Coffea robusta
- Elais guineensis
- Citrus sp.
- Hevea brasiliensis
- Acacia mangium or Albizia sp.
- Chromolaeana odorata (a weed in West African savannahs)

References for growth data in terms of C or dry content for these plants
would also be appreciated, as well as possible studies having
investigated the issue in other tropical contexts.

Thanks for your help

Jean-Pierre Kiekens

University of Brussels &
Environmental Strategies Europe
e-mail : kiekens@ibm.net