The Permaculturist's Bookshelf

Two good books for the permaculturist's bookshelf: 

Rehm, Sigmund, and Gustav Espig.  1991.  The Cultivated 
Plants of the Tropics and Subtropics.  CTA (The Technical 
Centre for Agriculture and Rural Co-operation), The Netherlands. 
Printed by Verlag Josef Margraf Scientific Books, Germany. 
ISBN 3-8236-1169-0.  552 pages. 

This pocketbook treasure was translated into English in 1991  
and contains plant lists, tables, and useful notes on
more than 1,000 plants.  2,033 literature citations are
listed as primary information sources. 

agAccess mailorder bookstore in Davis, California carries this book 
(listed in The Permaculture FAQ) 

Facciola, Stephen.  1990.  Cornucopia: A Source Book of 
Edible Plants.  Kampong Publications, Vista, CA  678 pages.

Thousands of plants and seed sources and plant nurseries are listed.
It is indispensible as a listing of edible and useful plants
and where to get your hands on the actual plant germplasm.  

This book is sold by The Permaculture Activist and other 
permaculture resources listed in The Permaculture FAQ. 

The layout is such that it would be perfect as an on-line
database for ready access, as well keeping addresses of seed
sources up-to-date.  In fact, a co-worker said there is now a
CD-ROM version available through Facciola/Kampong.  

  Kampong Publications
  1870 Sunrise Drive
  Vista, CA  92084

Steve Diver 
Ozark Farming & Gardening/Permaculture Network