RE: web limits and world poverty

Hi ya steve, long time no talk, I have come to realise that
I  can't deal with the amount of the market that we have already!!
and I realise those that really need help don't have the net - however,
Those people in need are a hell of a lot more willing and are easier to teach!!!

I still get visits from people with the perfect look (acoubra, flannel shirt, blundies)
and have a mobile phone hidden in the pocket!!
I get grilled and treated like I'm trying to sell them something!! E.g. they 
say "but doesn't that"  "but don't you have to" ..
."the last visitor simply didn't belive that the vegies and shrubs were in mulch
and started to poke holes in it looking for soil"!! 
I know it would be easier to run oversease to our Indian project 
(though my belly doesn't agree) 
But here we are, on the frontier Steve, where the face of Permaculture has to
bare the storms of commercialism.

>Yes the web has a limited market.  and we won't reach people who are
>really in need of solutions on sustainable production in third world countries
>We're also contacts for a community garden/ city farm network covering 
>most of the country. So, we're eager to learn what other groups are 
..Russ Grayson
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>NSW co-ordinator, Australian City Farms and Gardens Network.

  Dear Russ,
  I have put up a website that you may  find useful, it's at:
   be sure to download         /agseed.htm pages of seeds
  Hope you can put this info to good use.  E-mail me any
  questions or comments or links. I'm still looking for more
  Au links for these pages. I also have another page you
  may like at:   /river.htm    just add some Au trees to it!