Re: Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

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On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, April Sampson-Kelly wrote:

> On the whole, I have been really heartened by the depth of 
> understanding by most of the respondents
> to my search for others with experience of loss of 
> peace in the field of permaculture promotion
> [Obviously some people have not yet understood that
> permaculture is about culture and not a series of gardening
> tips - this resulted in some rude messages about my filling
> cyberspace with personal dilema's!!!  They have threatened to
> leave the mailing list - what luck.]

Years ago I had this mailing list, permaculture-mg, started by
the good folks at North Carolina Cooperative Extension at NCSU;
It was my intenion and hope that permies around the globe would use it
any way they saw fit and felt comfortable with. I see that you have.
Carry On!
Those who have a problem with that can unsubscribe or start their own 
list or newsgroup.

BTW, I plan to start a permaculture newsgroup soon. It won't be in the 
Usenet mainstream or an alt. group; it will be offered by a 
standalone, publically-accessable nntp news server, offering only a few 
newsgroups, to be set up here at sunSITE in the near future. 
You will be able to access it from my permaculture homepage (the URL for
that newsgroup will force your news reader to access our server) or simply
point your news reader software to our server & pick it up there.
I'm open to suggestions for other pc-related newsgroups I can form here.
Having our own server for a pc newsgroup makes it difficult for spammers 
and other bottom-feeding organisms to find it.