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Title: Clupper's Organic Gardens, Inc.

Clupper's Organic
Gardens, Inc.

1651 Packard Avenue
Kingman, Arizona 86401 USA
(520) 757-4762 (voice & Fax)
E-mail: dclupper@ctaz.com

Mission Statement

We promote the growing of healthful food throughout the world while conserving natural resources and protecting the environment by encouraging attitudes and activities necessary to understand, appreciate and change the interrelationships among humans, their culture and the environment.

We provide educational materials and other forms of assistance to establish Garbage Bag Gardening Resource Centers throughout the world. These resource centers contribute heavily towards Community Food Security and employment in depressed areas.

Our support and activities are primarily directed toward Non-Scientific Research, Horticultural Therapy and Educational Curriculum that supports the expansion of Mathematics, Science, and Environmental Education (K-12).

Our programs include Therapeutic Gardening and Food Production from Arizona to Africa; a Gardens On Wheels pilot project for elderly gardeners; "Compost, Critters and Kids©" educational kits, and The Ripple Effect newsletter.

For more information, please contact F. Duane Clupper, President dclupper@ctaz.com

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