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Title: Getting Your Own Home Page

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Getting your own low cost (maybe free) Home Page

The NonprofitNet can provide low cost (or free to qualified agencies) home pages to the nonprofit sector. Take advantage of the opportunity of having your presence on the World Wide Web without having to spend hundreds of dollars for design and placement services.

It's easy

Phone (520-778-3747), fax (520-445-3781), write (P.O. Box 11929, Prescott AZ 86304), or e-mail your request for a home page application. Include your name, title, organization's name, address, phone number and 501(c)3 status.

I'll send (by snail mail) a short questionnaire for you to complete about your agency. Answer the questions and send it back to me. I'll create your new home page and send you a printed copy. I will also provide you with your new address on the NonprofitNet, and send you a FREE brochure explaining how to market your new home page for maximum benefit to your agency.

How does my agency qualify for a FREE Home Page?

If you are the parent organization of a nonprofit agency, and you can fill out the questionnaire completely, then you are eligible for a 1-year home page on the NonprofitNet. DON'T WAIT! Request your questionnaire NOW.

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