Interested in a PC internship or co-workership

To fellow perma-enculturers,

		I'm searching for an internship or co-workership position for winter 
'96 -- from Nov to Feb -- that would include a stipend.
		The past 3 years I've had involvement with an emerging permaculture 
village in southwest Wisconsin, dreamtime village, and have focused on 
establishing a perrenial forest garden, fruit & nut orchard, and 
annual vegetable gardens. So I'm familiar with all phases of 
gardening, plant cycles and cultivation - also animal integration, 
native plants, and herbal preparations.
		I have the basics, and I'd like to use them to further someone 
else's project this winter, expanding my workings with permaculture in 
conjunction with other likeminded folks.
                         Thank you,
                           Heather Steele
		e-mail: dreamtimeV@aol.com 
     (for info about dreamtime village, visit our website)