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 To Tree-House -

 Our colleague Kevin McLaughlin at Canada's Evergreen Foundation
 has sent us their newsletter, highlighting many of their community
 forestry and ecology efforts, the educational achievements they
 are reporting up in Vancouver.  Thank you Kevin and congratulations
 for your ongoing works.  We notice at the bottom some of TH's own
 heated debates over the great urban parks of North America :-) Richard ...
Subject: Pollinator October 1996

Pollinator October, 1996

The official (monthly) update about The Evergreen Foundation's web site,
www.evergreen.ca. You will find these stories and links in the "Red, Hot &
Green" area, www.evergreen.ca/rhgpage.html

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* The Evergreen Foundation was been awarded the 1996 Peter F. Drucker Award
For Non-Profit Innovation,given annually to the non-profit  organization
that best displays qualities of  innovation and excellence in  program
management. Evergreen was selected this year for the innovation
and leadership of its Learning Grounds program.

* FINALLY ON-LINE! - The first edition of the Outdoor
 Classroom, the Canadian newsletter of School Ground Naturalization, from
Fall 1994,
Some featured stories:
 ---We Throw kids into a two-dimensional space and expect them to be
satisfied - but they aren't. It's simply not a positive environment.
Students need basic things like comfort and safety built into their playing
area." - Ted Cheskey, educator with the Waterloo County Board of Education
and author of its habitat restoration guide.
--- Bringing Back the BC Forest, Alex Hope Elementary, Langley BC
--- Learning to Make Room for Trees, Caulfield Middle School, Vancouver BC
--- Dirt and Digging = Learning, Springbank Middle School, Calgary AB
--- Involving local experts: ecological restoraiton at Millgrove P.S.,
Millgrove ON
--- An Island Garden, Sherwood Elementary School, Charlottetown PEI
--- The Swale Story, Broadacres Junior School, Etobicoke ON
--- And more...

*  Meet the newest member of the Evergreen Team, Christine Szuztaczek,
Communication & Development Manager, Toronto. If you want to support
Evergreen's efforts to connect people with nature by making a donation,
she's the one to talk to.

* Students, teachers, parents and principal Byron Grant at Brock Avenue
Public School in Toronto have built a rooftop garden and outdoor classroom.
For more info on rooftop gardening, contact the Rooftop Garden Resource
Group. (www.evergreen.ca/resrooftopgardeningpage.html)

* If you missed this incredible urban ecology event - GroundWorks'96: From
to Restoration, A Southern Ontario Regional Conference (Metro Hall, Toronto
October 4-5, 1996) - stay tuned for the conference proceedings in print,
and of course, on a web site near you.

*Sited at Everett Crowley Park, Vancouver last month: A Great Grey Owl near
Avalond Pond and a Cooper's Hawk who was rather perturbed at this (larger)
visitor. Check out
the Autumn 1996 Updatefor the Ecological Stewardship Process at the park.

* British Columbia has about 40% of its virgin / old growth forests
remaining, although
there is tremendous pressure on them. Possibly the last old growth in New
the  Christmas Mountains (http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/3761/english.htm)
and one of the last areas in Ontario of old growth Red and White Pine,
around the
Temagami area,(http://www.uoguelph.ca/~rolajos/temagami.html) are currently
slated for logging and/or mining activities. (http://www.web.net/~eroots/)

* Sandy Bell of Toronto has a constitutional right to express herself by
keeping a wild garden in front of her home,  provincial judge David
Fairgrieve has ruled. This overturns a 1993 conviction and $50 fine,
although the City of Toronto bylaw under which she was convicted still
stands. The Canadian Environmental Defense Fund supported Bell's appeal.
(From Toronto Star)

* natural school projects which have been added to our site and/or updated
with photos are:
---Ecole Pauline Haarar Elementary, Nanaimo, BC
--- Many through the (finally on-line) first edition of the Outdoor
Classroom newsletter, from Fall 1994

*  Cool native seed company of the month:Nature's Garden Seed Company,

* What on earth, asks the fellow from east of the Rockies, is a Banana Slug?
--- the official mascot of UC Santa Cruz?
--- Something that you should ask a Malacologist  about?
--- Something that likes chocolate and peanut butter?
--- Perhaps it recycles 11% of the Pacific North West forest biomass per
year (Kruckeberg, _Natural History of Puget Sound Country_ )?
--- Or, comprises 70% of the total (about 50 pounds per acre total)
"consumer" biomass of old growth forests  compared to 10% - 22% for large
mammals, and 0.5% for small mammals and birds. (Schultz,_The Northwest

* The  North Vancouver Outdoor School now has its very own Home Page

* Ever wonder what the biggest park in a North American city is? New York
Park? Stanley Park in Vancouver? Or maybe it's Druid Hill Park in
Baltimore? Or maybe...(www.evergreen.ca/nclargestpark.html)

The Evergreen Foundation

Vancouver: 604.689.0766
Toronto: 416.596.1495


.... connecting people with nature through the
enhancement of healthy natural environments
in schools and communities across Canada.