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Title: Welcome to The Earth Centre!
The Earth Centre

The ark: preview

"It is going to attract a huge number of people who
actually want to see what a green future could be like."

Jonathon Porritt, The Earth Centre Film, writer and broadcaster

The Earth Centre is...

...a new environmental education centre with exciting plans for the future
and a hands-on approach to sustainability.
Based at Conisbrough, near Doncaster (UK), it is the start of a vision
which will transform 350 acres (142 ha) of reclaimed landscape
into a world centre for a sustainable future by the year 2000.

Discover The Earth Centre...

button The Earth Centre Concept

button The Earth Centre of The Future...

button and Conisbrough of the past, with a link to Conisbrough Castle

button The Millennium Commission awards £50 million. Celebrate with Chateau Ivanhoe

button Aquatic Ecology at The Earth Centre

button Want to know more? Environment and sustainability on the Web

Become Involved...

Whether you are a staunch supporter of the Earth Centre, or this is your first introduction, we hope you have found The Earth Centre's Web pages useful. They are in an experimental stage at present (like the Earth Centre; 'under construction'!), and we would welcome your support and comments.

You can contact The Earth Centre for more information (why not become a member?), but don't turn up yet! Due to the large amount of construction work being undertaken on site, visitor access has had to be restricted, in the interests of safety. Watch this space for the date of the grand re-opening!

The Earth Centre, Kilner's Bridge, Doncaster Road,
Denaby Main, South Yorkshire, DN12 4DY

Telephone (+44) 01709 770566
or Fax (+44) 01709 861727

Or you can contact the editor of these pages, Sid Duty of SBD Environmental Engineering, directly by e-mail.

We hope to make more contacts available in time.

We would like to thank Sheffield University for kindly donating the home for these pages.

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