Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture


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Title: Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture

fish Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture

‘Sustainable freshwater aquaculture is a means to profitable production, efficiency of natural resources, best aquatic environmental practice and a way forward to keep pace with world aquaculture consumption without compromising the overall ecological integrity of our ecosystems’.

The Way Forward:

The principle aims of Aquatic Ecology at The Earth Centre are to blend innovation, research, conservation and educational awareness into a common goal of aquatic sustainability and demonstrate this via a successful commercial enterprise.

The long term objective is to raise aquatic animals without the need for chemical or antibiotics and control rather than eradicate diseases within the ecosystem.

The well-being of living aquatic organisms in cultured systems will be progressively evaluated in association with relevant animal welfare organisations with native and alien freshwater species cultured and assessed in relation to local environmental impact.

Wherever practical, high protein feeds will be discouraged in favour of locally raised aquatic invertebrates and used as a base for nutritional requirements with supplementary feeding utilising a variety of waste products found on and off the site.

New and resurrected traditional aquatic species and their products will be marketed and promoted in the food processing industry increasing the diversity of salable products. Aetec will culture a wide variety of freshwater species practicing new and traditional methods of freshwater monoculture and polyculture and market these products in the food, leisure and ornamental freshwater fish industries.

Emphasis will be placed combining the disciplines of aquaculture, agriculture & horticulture and adopting world-wide methods of integrated farming systems for the research of topical areas of symbiosis in the production of foodstuffs.

Aquaculture based waste products will be positively utilised practicing eco-technological methods and water borne nutrient transfer will demonstrate maximum product diversification in respect of ‘downstream ecological production’ and assist in the promotion of local business enterprise initiatives.

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