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Title: Welcome to AETEC
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Aquatic Ecology at the Earth Centre

The principle aims of Aquatic Ecology at The Earth Centre (Aetec)
is to research, develop and demonstrate issues relating to sustainability
in freshwater aquatic ecology and related food production.

Current planned initiatives are as follows...

Strategies to promote Aquatic Food Production Techniques

button Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture

button Sustainable Wetland Production

An example of an Advanced Waste Water Utilisation System

button The Microbrewery

E-mail the Director, Stephen Bedford Clark,

or contact AETEC, The Earth Centre,
Kilner's Bridge, Doncaster Road, Denaby Main, South Yorkshire, DN12 4DY

Telephone 01709 770566 or Fax 01709 861727

Or you can contact the editor of these pages, Sid Duty of SBD Environmental Engineering,
who is also closely involved with AETEC,
as the principal Environmental Engineering Consultant on the Microbrewery project

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