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Title: Dr. Robert H. Faust's Bio-Ag Services Web Page

Welcome to Dr. Robert H. Faust's Bio-Ag Services Web Page

For over 20 years Faust Bio-Agricultural Services, Inc. has been a

pioneer in "Bio-logical" agriculture, helping farmers convert from toxic technology.

I am an agronomist and soil specialist as well as an entomologist/pest control advisor. I was a licensed Pest Control Advisor in California with licenses in insect and weed mangement as well as plant pathology. I live on the island of Hawaii where I conduct research in integrated polyculture on my 12 acre tropical farm, also raising purebred tropical St. Croix hair sheep. I am a founding member of the Hawaii Bio-Organic Growers Association. We sell Organic/Biological pesticide free KONA COFFEE mail order and it is "The best for Less".

Customized Consulting Programs available

Bio-Rational & Integrated Pest Management programs (IPM) are our specialty

Agricultural development and consulting worldwide is our business,
everything from mushroom farms to coffee plantations, environmental services and agroforestry systems. We specialize in biological soil management using humic acids.
Consulting & Environmental Services that solve your problems; biological,organic,sustainable"
We carry several product lines to improve your crop, soil health and yields, including organic fertilizers, humus and trace element fertilizers and biological pesticides.

"Humate/Humic Acids/fulvic Acids; What are they and what do they do?" See below if you want better crops and higher yield; the science without the hype.

HUMIC/FULVIC ACIDS & HUMATES DATABASE with Crop Pictures by Robert H. Faust Ph.D. 1996

Poster on humates in agri. presented at the IFOAM Scientific conference 8/10/96
(IFOAM) International Federation of Organic Movements, Scientific Conference in Copenhagen Denmark Aug. 11-15 1996
IFOAM HOME PAGES and Abstracts of papers
Foliar Fertilization, Why.it works! New Research Review by Dr. Faust

E-mail for more information and price list
last updated 12/26/96 copyright Faust Bio-Ag. inc. 1996

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