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Title: Network of Networks


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first concept

Project BioNetwork is about tcatalysation and support of a network of regional networks of practical projects serving ecological, economical, and social sustainability.

We intend to do this by
organizing land for
connecting by networking and
coordinating of BioProjects and BioArks,
as well as organizing lands for wilderness.

BioProject we call in this context any project which:
protected zones (in situ conservation)
propagation, breeding and rehabitation or stabilisation of endangered wild plants and/or animals
conservation breeding/growing of endangered breeds of domestic animals and/or cultivated plant species or varieties
economic utilisation of endangered economic plants and/or animals
organic farming
participatory and selfresponsible organisation strucutres
producer-consumer contact and cooperation
sound and fair marketing strategies
interdisciplinary and wholistic planning
participation in regional trading systems independent of worldmarkets
alternative children education (including farming/gardening)
adult aducation (seminars, courses, example, documentations, etc)
initiation/founding of regional cooperative projects
care and support for traditional regional crafts and skills
conservation/maintenance of knowledge specific to the region
production for local markets/regional subsistance
conscious efforts for a secure and gentle athmosphere
common support structures (talking circles, etc)
their own meaningful rituals
BioArk we call in this context any project which aimes for A MULTITUDE the above mentioned points in a holistic, integrative way and has realized them already to a recognizable extent. Special emphasis should be on biodiversity and modern subsitance. Naturally these will be communities, which certainly might be comprised of two or more BioProjects that are near each other, connected in friendship and closely cooperating.

Detail Aspects

aspect 1 - adress existing (and potential) BioProjects, interconnect and support them in their development towards BioArk

aspect 2 - trainig BioArk stewards

aspect 3 - funding

aspect 4 - nucleus development

aspect 5 - expansion

aspect 6 - coordination

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