Holism and Sustainable Agriculture


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Holism and Sustainable Agriculture

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Holism and Sustainable Agriculture

Holism is simply a revolution taking place in the knowledge business that
sees the world  as all connected together into wholes that must be managed as
 wholes, not broken down into piecemeal disciplines, as the academic
knowldege factories have traditionally done. For farmers, moving toward a
holistic perspective means seeing and managing our farms as whole ecosystems.
By managing for the health of the whole, we gain long run economic
profitability and sustainability
    For more information about holism see the current series of articles I am
publishing in ORGANIC FARMS, FOLKS AND FOODS , a publication of NOFA-NY,
available at P.O. Box 21, South Butler, NY 13154-0021. 

     A good way to increase understanding of sustainable agriculture and what
it can do for your farm is to study Holistic Resource Management (HRM). Well
known in the midwest, far west, and Vermont, HRM is slowly filtering into New
York. I organized the first 3 day course a year ago in central NY and there
have been several  since in the Albany area. Courses are given by educators
trained and licensed by the Center for HRM, 1010 Tijeras NW, Albuquerque,
NM87102. Contact the center for more info and published materials. 

     I operate Northland Sheep Dairy with my wife Jane in Marathon, NY. We
are certified organic by NOFA-NY. 

                                                              Karl North