Palos Verdes Estates

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> Master builders, indeed are builders of Palos Verdes! Every foot of development, every
>                       individual dwelling, every piece of construction has been made to conform to
>                       surrounding beauty. Nothing that Nature gave has been lost. Nothing unsightly or
>                       undesirable will ever have a place in Palos Verdes. It is in very truth the City
>                       Beautiful
(1920'3 advert. for Palos Verdes Estates)

There is an interesting article on the Palos Verdes Estates and some of
the planning principles (Olmsted) involved. Comparison to Beverly Hills
subdivisions and San Fernando. Interesting piece of intentional
community planning history. Part of a green heritage?
 In new Architronic http://www.saed.kent.edu/Architronic/

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