fundraising for the real work

If  your nonprofit organization is like ours you are probably struggling
to raise money to complete the work that you are mandated to do.
Recently we got involved with a marketing plan that is now making money
that will give us the financial and time freedom to continue our work
with the Institute for Bioregional Studies in sustainable systems
design, permaculture and environmental education. Perhaps your
organization is interested in this same opportunity.

Business Opportunity
Needed: Network Marketing Executives for Nutrition for Life
International (NFL).
	  in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Philippines, and Australia.

NFL distributes over 350 environmental products in seven category lines:
        1) Homeopathic Remedies and Herbal Formulations
        2) Vitamins and Minerals
        3) Natural Foods and Weight Control Supplements
        4) Air and Water Filtration Systems
        5) Personal Health and Beauty Care Items
        6) Biodegradable Cleaning Concentrates
        7) Self-Improvement and Motivational Tapes

 *  NFL is a publicly traded company. 
 *  It has been in business for over 12  years. 
 *  Annual sales exceed $97 million (US). 
 *  This is a ground floor opportunity with a unique business
compensation plan that is  expected to             reach the "momentum"
phase of the MLM industry within the next year.
 *  Visit the NFL homepage at: www.nutritionforlife.com

If you desire the financial freedom, time freedom and health freedom to
pursue your personal goals then you owe it to yourself to contact us for
information on how these proven, environmentally sound products can
benefit you.

For more information contact: Phil Ferraro and Nancy Willis at:
Phone: (In Canada)  (902) 892-9578 or  (902) 687-2662.